Organismo multidisciplinare per lo studio
della storia dell'Europa mediterranea



Odisseuro Summer School

Open to doctoral students, master's degrees, three-year degrees, scholars


Linguaglossa, 8-10 September 2022

When war has the constitutive ambition of using the criterion of effectiveness to build a different world order, the principle of international legality enters a crisis and with it the politics of conflict itself. Key concepts of the Western cultural tradition such as sovereignty, democracy, people, law, community undergo the twisting of the polemic crisis and reposition themselves in the constellation of fear and disintegration. In this sense, the realism of effectiveness and, therefore, of power politics, collides with a literary and artistic imagery that constructs narratives of spaces and bodies in the dimensions of genre and life. Resistance against the rough grammar of death in a bond that has always linked war to the need to tell it.


The Summer School aims to highlight how in emergency circumstances caused by wars, extraordinary situations of public disorder, acts of terrorism, economic crises, natural disasters or pandemics, twists occur in the ordinary functioning mechanisms of the socio-legal system. political and the balance in the management of the powers of the state is altered, also in the light of the transformations of the territories.

The discipline of emergencies, from a historical-juridical point of view, is of extraordinary interest since it requires not only a reflection on the categories of "state of emergency" and "state of exception", but also on the issue of the relativity of rights, in a political point of view. From the socio-demographic point of view, emergencies require a necessary reconnaissance, in qualitative and quantitative terms, of the specific human and material resources of the territories and of their planning in transition.
The Summer School also intends to offer specialized training in the areas of public policies and knowledge aimed at the requalification of the public administration for the transformation and enhancement of the territory in a European dimension.


Participated lectures and specialized workshops are foreseen.

The participation fee, equal to 200 euros, covers the registration and accommodation costs at the San Tommaso college in Linguaglossa. Pay by 30 June 2022 to: Associazione Cultura Aetnae Aps (Cf: 92032940873
Iban: It98q0521683990000003152005) and send an email requesting registration to info@odisseuro.it attaching a scan of the bank transfer receipt for registration


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